Dead And Gone  - Charlaine Harris It seems as though the Sookie Stackhouse series is just getting progressively worse after peaking at book four. I had a hard time getting into this one but once I did it was enjoyable but also frustrating. As Tatiana so aptly pointed out her review, this book didn't have enough about the relationships that readers are so invested in and too much on the fairy war which I personally couldn't care less about. I also wasn't interested in Sookie's existential thoughts about whether or not she's a good Christian.

I wanted more Eric and Sookie. It seems that Harris is hinting not so subtly at a Sookie and Sam ending (although there are enough book that she can turn it around if she wants to). I just wish she would fully explore Eric and Sookie first even if they don't end up together. The problem is that it already seems as though Sookie is checking out of her relationship with Eric and they haven't really progressed much since book four. Perhaps things improve in the next few books but my hopes aren't high since she's become progressively more interested in Sam.

On a final note, the writing was much clunkier in this book than in the previous ones. None of the Sookie Stackhouse novels have great writing but the grammar wasn't distractingly bad as it was in this one. I'll be reading the next novel but I'm not sure how much longer this series can hold my interest if it doesn't improve.