From Dead to Worse - Charlaine Harris I'm giving this book 3.5 stars. Eric bumps it up a half star and since I do remember that with .5 you round up, it goes up to four stars. In some ways this novel was a mess. The pacing was really off because so much was happening and none of it was related. Also, to fit everything in, all of the problems were resolved very quickly. Problems that could have taken an entire novel to resolve such as the vampire regime change and the werewolf war were resolved within a few chapters.

Alcide's character was thoroughly trashed in this novel. He was a jerk before, but Charlaine Harris takes it to a whole new level. Sam played a more prominent role than he had in other novels which made me raise an eyebrow. After the first book, he had kind of been dropped as a love interest but now I'm getting the feeling he's coming back. Harris dedicates an entire chapter to his backstory which was awkwardly placed and felt like info dump since Sookie asks him about his past without an real precipitating event. Also, it seemed odd that she wouldn't have known some of those things already given how long they've worked together and been friend. Bill was annoying as ever and I'm hoping Sookie doesn't become interested in him again.

I was glad to see Quinn go. The "babe" thing was really annoying. I still like Amelia. Hopefully Harris won't continue her trend of either turning all likable females evil or killing them off. Pam has survived so there's hope. I still love Pam. I'm glad that Harris resolved the Bob plot and the Tanya plot. I'm also intrigued by the new vampire regime although I don't know enough about it to say it was a change for the better.

This book was an easy read and I enjoyed it.