Definitely Dead - Charlaine Harris I would actually rate this book 3.5 stars if I had the option. I struggled between rating it 3 or 4 stars but when I looked back at my previous ratings, I decided it was much closer to the 4 star books than the 3 star ones so that's what I went with. I really did enjoy this book. I thought that the book really picked up once Sookie got to New Orleans. I liked all of the scenes with Queen Sophie Anne and I enjoyed the revelation about Bill even though I was spoiled first by a friend and then by the show True Blood. I really dislike Bill (both book and show versions) and have since the first book/episode. Additionally, I liked Amelia and look forward to her appearance in subsequent novels.

But a few things really detracted from this book. First and foremost, Quinn just doesn't do it for me, and I don't think he and Sookie have the best chemistry, although she has infinitely more chemistry with Quinn than Calvin Norris. At least that romance has been put to rest. I hate how Quinn keeps calling her "babe" and the licking her blood parts are creepy. His personality grated a bit too.

Another problem I had with the book is that I spotted the culprit to both major mysteries right away. While it was understandable why she wouldn't know who was behind the demon's death, I couldn't understand how she didn't know who had sent the werewolves to attack her and Quinn.

Lastly, there was not enough Eric and his behavior when he saw Sookie and Quinn together was completely out of character. I hope he had a larger role in the following books.

One last note: The fashions in this book are just as atrocious as they are in the previous books, maybe even worse. Charlaine Harris really needs to pick up a fashion magazine and study current fashion. I cringe every time anyone's clothes--especially Sookie's--are described.

Overall, a fun read.