30 Day Book Challenge: Day 8 - Most overrated book

The Da Vinci Code  - Dan Brown Twilight  - Stephenie Meyer

(Note:  These are not the worst book ever written—though they're both pretty bad—just the ones that most failed to live up to their insane hype.)


I read The Da Vinci Code back when it was all the rage.  Going into it I expected something truly awesome, but what I got was complete and utter crap.  The writing was truly awful.  As I was reading I kept thinking that Dan Brown was actually trying to write a screenplay because the text was so bare.  There was almost no description making it hard to visualize anything.  The plot wasn't super amazing either, and the characters were all forgettable.  I can remember almost nothing about any of them now.  I fail to see why this book was so popular.


Twilight has had its fair share of detractors but they were few and far between when I first read Stephenie Meyer's debut novel.  Everyone and their mother (and grandmother) was raving about this book, but its appeal was completely lost on me.  This book has zero plot, a creepy/abusive love interest, flat characters, and cringeworthy writing.  And yet it is still touted by many to be the greatest love story ever told, the books have sold millions upon millions of copies, and the movies have grossed billions of dollars.  This is one pop culture phenomenon that I will never understand.